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The room was huge and the view of the Mediterranean was divine! View the shoreline as it blends with the inspired shape of W Barcelona." data-alt="W Barcelona at Sunrise" data-vu="sunrise" data-org-size="1600x900" data-org=" Sunrise-WBarcelona-who3183ex114232.jpg" data-bgset=" Sunrise-WBarcelona-who3183ex114232[(max-width: 1023px)] | Sunrise-WBarcelona-who3183ex114232[(min-width: 1024px)]"Step inside. Designed by world-renowned architect Ricardo Bofill, W Barcelona sets the scene for a spectacular stay.

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Gerne besprechen wir Ihre Internet Webcam Strategie.

Get glamorous on our 26th-floor hotspot, at ECLIPSE rooftop bar, or make your way down to our signature Living Room to find WAVE & the W LOUNGE for a cocktail (or two). Discover the only hotel in the city with direct beach access." data-alt="Aerial View W Barcelona" data-vu="aerial-view_1" data-org-size="1600x900" data-org=" data-bg=" style="background: transparent no-repeat center; background-size: cover"Take it all in.

The W Barcelona was such an AMAZING experience I fear no other hotel will reach the high standards I now have. When I return to Barcelona, I will book my stay at the W. From up here, peer out over views of San Sebastian beach, Quarter Barceloneta, Born and everything else." data-alt="View from W Barcelona 26th Floor" data-vu="view-barcelona-from-eclipse" data-org-size="1600x900" data-org=" data-bg=" style="background: transparent no-repeat center; background-size: cover"Ever-changing like the sea and sky, W Barcelona reflects and amplifies its stunning surroundings." data-alt="W Barcelona - View from Barceloneta" data-vu="barceloneta-view" data-org-size="1600x900" data-org=" data-bgset=" 1023px)] | 1024px)]"Sunrise.

Bei hochauflösenden Landschaftsbilder, die von ein DSLR Kamera stammen, ist die Qualitativ viel besser.

Jedes normales Handy liefert bessere Bilder als eine IP Webcam.

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