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The party was basically a meal with the women she used to work with. A pretty waitress asked me for my phone number, I said 'sorry, I'm taken'.

I didn't realise that my mum was stood around the corner and she heard this.

Mum said I would have to wear her clothes, there was no other option! I wore a pair of her knickers, thin navy blue pantyhose and a warm navy blue dress.

I put on a pair of her Ugg boots when we went out for a walk.

She always told me that I am gorgeous, but I didn't think she wanted anything to happen.

Another fantastic development came by chance only about a month into our relationship. ) I knew that this time I certainly would not be bored!

My mum made the decision to buy a house in the town I went to university and live with me.

My friends all said this was weird and they couldn't wait to break free and live in halls at uni and participate in drinking, casual sex, etc.

I told her that she was not ugly, she was beautiful and just generally complimented her!

I couldn't believe she thought I would be embarrassed to be seen with her at the party! I think this was the moment that I genuinely realised that I wanted her. Sher had a tight black dress on, a silk top covering her large arms, very thin black pantyhose and black high heels. She cuddled me when she saw me in my suit and said I looked fantastic.

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