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He picked up the guitar when he was 11, formed his first band at age 12, started playing gigs when he was 13, and dropped out of school at 15 to pursue music with all his energy and passion. Turn it up, that's enough, so you know it's got soul.” When Robert Plant joined forces with Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones, he brought with him three essential ingredients to the success of the band: a powerful voice, a passion for blues and folk, and an amazing drummer. Ginger Baker was also rumored to be on his short list. John Bonham eventually agreed, later explaining that he liked the new band’s music better than that of the other groups that were courting him.

Considering how revered the album Astral Weeks has become, it’s amazing that it was put together in just 12 or 13 hours.So I had him down to my place for a little while, just to sort of check him out, and we got along great.No problems.”The vocalist was, of course, named Robert Plant.Meantime, down the hall in those recording studios Jimmy Page frequented you were likely to find another young musician hard at work, a bass player, pianist, organist, and arranger named John Baldwin.Like Page, he found himself booked on so many dates that he can’t recall many of them today.

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