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Duke took one look at this sweet young virginal thing, named Morgan Richards and said "yeah, sure!

" What Morgan did not realize at this time, was that Duke's "nightclub" was really nothing but a fancy bordello and that Duke was a pimp who was prostituting his young virginal waitresses.

Soon after, Mike contacted the Chicago Police Department and they came and finally closed down Duke's "club" since it was, in reality, a prostitution ring.

Morgan, who had up to this point been very unfriendly to Mike, because of the accident that killed her beloved father, was very thankful to Mike for saving her from Duke Lafferty, and Morgan would then start treating Mike as a father figure.

Though Morgan initially hated Kelly, calling him "Mr.

Perfect", soon she found herself attracted to him and, unknown to her, the feeling was mutual.

Morgan only started to realize this when the men she was waitressing for were trying to get her to do things that her mom, Jennifer, would have blown her stack about.

When her grades dropped, Jennifer got pre-med student, Kelly Nelson, to tutor her.

However Kelly didn't want to hurt his friend, Tim, or his girlfriend, Hillary Bauer, so he backed out of the tutoring sessions, but didnt say why.

Hurt and confused, Morgan later confronted Kelly at Laurel Falls, where they confessed their love.

Though Morgan was defiant, at first, when a few of the patrons started to getting rough with her and her mom, Morgan decided that perhaps it was best to go home.

Unfortunately, the two patrons who roughed up both Morgan and Jennifer started threatening Mike, Kelly and Tim and started to pick a fight with them.

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