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For Valentine's Day, Lily and Marshall invite Robin and Kevin on a weekend getaway to Vermont, where Kevin asks Robin if she will marry him. The next night, Robin reveals to Kevin that she will never be able to have kids and he proposes to her for the second time, to which Robin says yes.

Back at the apartment Kevin tells Robin that there are other ways to have children, but Robin tells him that she doesn't want kids and asks him if he will really be happy never having children.

To solve this, Robin acts as his therapist and asks him to tell her personal details about his life so they become even. During the River Cruise, Kevin has a drink thrown into his eyes by Erika and is taken to hospital.Kevin is Leo’s best friend and is always there for him whenever he feels bad.They both arrived in Arizona two years ago during the very same week, and since then, they have been buddies.In case people still don't know who Rihanna is rooting for, check out this bow she gave Le Bron James.But what set social media buzzing during game one of the NBA finals wasn't just her presence courtside.

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