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Whatever little thing it was that drew you in, soon your gaze and heart were captured by a wild-hearted woman.She’s the type of woman who dances in the rain and swims naked under the moonlight.Her beaming smile was the first thing that caught your eye.Or maybe it was the way she was covered in dirt and singing happily all on her own.And in her heart, Sonora knows that it won't be long before she's up there, herself. Working from a screenplay by Matt Williams and Oley Sassone, Miner delivers a poignant film that works at the heart strings, but at the same time circumvents any undo sentimentality.In light of the tragedy that befalls Sonora, this film could easily have played on sympathy and portrayed her as a victim of happenstance.She will stop everything to help an animal in distress and will fight alongside those who’ve been wronged.She is strong and beautiful—and can be hard as hell to love.

What he doesn't know is that he's just hired a girl who refuses to give up on something once she's set her mind to it, and when Sonora takes the job, it puts a hay fork in her hand, but her determined eye is on a horse, as well as that forty foot tower looming above that pool of water, beckoning to her, even as a dream borne on the wings of desire.

You seek to love her and never change her, only adding to her spark, to her flame.

You succeed where others failed because you never once judged her or wanted to change her.

See more » Based on a true story, this film is not only entertaining, but as inspirational as they come; a paean to the indomitability of the human spirit in the face of the kind of adversity that would make most of us simply roll over and quit.

It's the story of the kind of challenges life can throw at anyone at random, and then follow up with yet another curve that seemingly takes it beyond the limits of human endurance.

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