With a chance of dating sonny

J.) Unnamed child (son, with Carly; miscarried) Kristina Davis (daughter; with Alexis) Morgan Stone Corinthos (son, with Carly) Baby Girl Mc Call (daughter, with Samantha; deceased [Nov 8, 2004])* Unborn child (with Claudia; miscarried) Avery Jerome Corinthos (daughter; with Ava) Rocco Falconeri (grandson; via Dante) *Samantha had wanted to call her Lila, but the baby was buried as Baby Girl Mc Call.

Olivia Falconeri (as teenagers) Karen Wexler (lovers; deceased) Brenda Barrett (lovers) Cindy Woods (dated) Hannah Scott (lovers) Carly Quartermaine (affair) Angel Ellis (lovers) Alexis Davis (lovers) Faith Rosco (kissed; deceased) Samantha Mc Call (affair) Reese Marshall (affair; deceased) Emily Bowen-Quartermaine (lovers; deceased) Amelia Joffee Connie Falconeri [as alter Kate Howard] (lovers; Engaged: Aug 13, 2012; broken engagement: Oct 3, 2012deceased) Claudia Zacchara (lovers; deceased) Claire Walsh (affair) Connie Falconeri [as alter Connie] (one-night stand; deceased) Olivia Falconeri (kissed) Connie Falconeri (lovers; deceased) Olivia Falconeri (lovers) Ava Jerome (one-night stand) Carly Jacks (lovers) Has been involved in "unscrupulous" mob-related activities Arrested in Atlantic City for the murder of John Mc Bain's sister Theresa (Joe Scully arranged for the charges to be dropped) Put out a hit that resulted in the death of Lieutenant Poletti Put out a hit on Jagger Cates [1993] Shot and killed Scully, the man who had befriended him as a teenager and had Sonny's stepfather killed [1995] Broke Brenda out of jail when she was arrested for murdering Pierce Dorman [1997] Arrested by the FBI for racketeering [Sep 1999] Blackmailed A. into giving Carly a divorce [Mar 2000] Arrested by the FBI when Carly and Roy Di Lucca set him up [Apr 2001] Helped fugitive Angel Ellis skip town [Oct 25, 2001] Arrested for locking Skye Quartermaine in a boathouse; not guilty [Mar 2002] Faked his death to flush out Luis Alcazar; later shot him after Alcazar found Brenda and Jax at her old cottage [Sep 2002] Shot both Lorenzo Alcazar and Carly Corinthos [Oct 24, 2003] Held a gun up to Faith Rosco's neck [Oct 31, 2003] Attempted murder; tried to shoot and kill Lorenzo Alcazar [Nov 26, 2003] Kidnapped Samantha Mc Call [Nov 26, 2003] Shot and killed Ben Rogers to protect Sam [Jan 9, 2004] Sent Jason to kill Brian Beck [Feb 5, 2004] Held Brian at gunpoint [Feb 11, 2004] Killed the assassin who planted the explosive in his limo [Apr 2004] Arrested for racketeering [Nov 18, 2004] Ordered Jason to kill Lorenzo Alcazar [2007] Fired two shots into the Zacchara mansion and held Johnny Zacchara and Claudia Zacchara at gunpoint [Feb 25, 2008] False imprisonment; kidnapped Johnny Zacchara and held him prisoner in an abandoned mental hospital because he thought Johnny had kidnapped Michael and shot Kate [Mar 2008] Shot and killed Andre Karpov [Nov 2008] Shot Dante Falconeri [Jan 29, 2010] Set a bomb off in Johnny Zacchara's car, nearly killing his daughter, Kristina [2010] Shot Johnny Zacchara in self-defense; crooked cop made it look like murder attempt [Aug 2010] Jumped bail and went to Rome [Aug 2010] Arranged for Jax to be caught with illegal drugs [Jul 2011] Shot a bullet that grazed Robin Scorpio [Aug 2011] Held a gun on Jasper Jacks [Aug 2011] Tampered with a private jet owned by Jasper Jacks, which caused the plane to crash [Aug 2011] Choked Johnny Zacchara and held him over a balcony [Sep 2011] Held a gun on Johnny Zacchara [Feb 2012] Held a gun on Anthony Zacchara [Feb 2012] Shot two bullets into the wall of Johnny Zacchara's bedroom [Apr 2012] Held a gun on Todd Manning and threatened to kill him [May 2012] Fired shots at Jerry Jacks [Sep 2012] Hired Shawn Butler to kidnap Connie Falconeri/Kate Howard and held her captive [Nov 2012] Threatened the life of Carly Corinthos Jacks [Jun 2013] Ordered Shawn Butler to assault Robert "Franco" Frank [Jul 2013] Clobbered A. Quartermaine over the head with a gun and threatened him [Aug 2013] Punched a reporter [Sep 2013] Kidnapped Carlos Rivera, tied him up in a warehouse and threatened to kill him [Dec 9, 2013] Shot Carlos Rivera in the shoulder [Dec 23, 2013] Arrested for shooting Max Giambetti in the chest while covering for his son Morgan [Dec 23, 2013] Shot A. Quartermaine in the chest [Mar 4, 2014] Paid a woman to impersonate Mickey Diamond's sister which allowed Mickey's heart to be donated to Alice Gunderson [Aug 7, 2014] Arrested for the murder of A. Quartermaine [Nov 11, 2014 (Oct 31, 2014 on the show)]; pled guilty and was sentenced to prison on Nov 19, 2014; received a Governor's pardon on Feb 9, 2015] Escaped from prison [Jan 29, 2015] Had Brick remove his ankle monitor [Feb 8, 2017] Held Ava at gunpoint and accused her of being responsible for Morgan's death [Feb 9, 2017] Charged in the car bombing that killed Morgan Corinthos [Charged: Nov 15, 2016; All charges dropped: Feb 9, 2017] Suffers from claustrophobia due to being locked in the closet as a child Beaten up by Jagger Cates [1993] Shot while helping to break Frank Smith out of jail; passed out while driving and crashed his car into Brenda's [1994] Nearly died from being injected with heroin [Nov 1996] Shot outside the police station and nearly died [Dec 2000] Nearly died when his warehouse was set on fire Stabbed by Sorel at Lily's gravesite [Jun 6, 2001] Slightly injured when a bomb he was wearing in a showdown with Sorel went off [2001] Beaten up by Lorenzo Alcazar when Alcazar kidnapped him to demand the return of his drugs [2003] Shot by Detective Brian Beck [Dec 2, 2003] Injured his leg during the inferno at the Port Charles Hotel [Feb 12, 2004] Fell ill during the encephalitis plague that hit Port Charles [Feb 3, 2006] Diagnosed with bipolar disorder, a.k.a.

Robert De Niro is your average Joe, a bus driver by profession trying with his wife, Katherine Narducci, to raise their son who is eight years old.

Young Francis Capra who is fascinated by the gangsters hanging out at the bar down the street, witnesses the local boss commit a murder.

See more » A Bronx Tale does take me back to New York City in the sixties.

Sonny's stepfather was a cop who beat Sonny's mother and locked Sonny in the closet.

The little boy is now teenager Lillo Brancato who gets interested in a black girl, a big no-no in the crowd he comes from, but Palmentiri is the one person who encourages the relationship.

Let's just say that everything, every element of the story comes full circle on one night in the Bronx in 1968. The two kids who grow up to be Joe Pesci and Ray Liotta are taken under the wing of neighborhood boss Paul Sorvino who sees them as promising gangster material and they grow into the roles.

When C falls for an African American girl, things don't get any easier.

C's leap to manhood is marked by tragedy, but also by his recognition of the many faces of love.

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