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I have kept myself thin over the years and never had problems finding big, strong women that could carry me before the love making. I put my arms around her and said I already know you are. Hers looked like the mans and mine were like the womens! Up the stairs dangling across her broad shoulders I told her this was fantastic.My wife today is 45 lbs heavier than me and of similar height. She than put me on her shoulder and pulled out the only short I wear, I was hanging nude on her shoulder. She spread my legs and it was role reversal for sure! She threw me on the bed told me to get naked and she would be right back. She was wearing a frilly teddy her muscles were awesome around her waist was a strap on. Lifted and carried around as forplay and now most of the time I am the receiver.Me and my wife after marriage 3 days have simple sex where I usually f*ck her.But after 2 weeks when we both free one day when we both comes from a party I goes for bath and when I comes back after 20 mins my wife was wearing night suite which was light blue silk like a gown. I went to my wardrobe and searching for cloths we both are doing conversation and little jokes.She lay down beside me, laid on my right arm, scissored my legs and then took control of my left arm with her left above my head. She then started to caress me and got me hard and then took my virginity. wenevr i go to her house and find nobody at home evry thng starts. Being out with her dressed like this with her short hair was almost like I was out with one of my buddies. We stayed for awhile played pool and I could tell she was enjoying herself and acting a little masculine at times. We only had a short walk and the subject of strength came up. This is wonderful she said and bent down and I jumped on her back. We went into the living room and I sat on the couch she and I made out and she was taking the dominant role. She ripped off her shirt and had a thin muscle shirt underneath.This strong girl changed my preferences for girls totally. She was feeling frisky and suddenly said that she was sure she was stronger than me. I gasped when I saw her arms were firm and defined. Kissed me and asked if she could do something that she had tought about for a long time. She flexed and I looked into her eyes as she lifted me in a cradle carry and walked me up the stairs with little effort. Last night we went to a gay bar and she went in her boys clothes. No one took notice of the buff blonde with the skinny guy. We got in and she kissed me and easily hoisted me over her shoulder in a firemans carry.This girl, one year younger than me, had a crush on me. The first two evening she tried to seduce me after we had been drinking but I was scared and went to bed (we had our own bedrooms all 7 of us). After than my wife carries me often and when she carries me I have to call her ? And I have been treated as the youngest member of the family. than we start try to push each other to back and on my sirprise i was failed to push her moment was so shamefull for me.i tried once but what the hell was that she just bend her hand b/w my leg and i was on her shoulder for 10 sec throw me down.i get hurt on my said what happened my baby,don't u like to beaten by a girl who hv boobs and hips try hard lol afterall u'r a was laughing at than lifted me once again in bearhug way and i loss the battle of won and throw me over her shoulder again and throw me down.ladkineuthakpataka I don? but behavior of my wife with me is just like a 5 yo boy. The only bad thing is spanking, while she is angry. She started to walk around the house with me in her arms.

I made booboo I was not believing that woman can lift man.His female subjects, both short and tall, were VERY, VERY LARGE!!! Actually v both were placing diya on stairs nd i slipd and rolled down to ground floor. To meri sis jo mujhse m sal eldr h came nd ofrd to carry me. Navneet I dont have sister so not happened to me lift & carry in nude.His ingenious brush brought out the immense physical power and size of his ultra-large female subjects (many of whom had beautiful facial features). Nd pehle to mujhe ajeeb laga k didi kya puch rahi h. Once we 4 friends 2 girls & 2 boys went to Yamuna River, Delhi for small picnic with our maid.Christian My wife was on the computer the other day and I noticed that she was looking at photos of lift and carry. I thought that it was a little strange but really didnt bother me. And holding me on that position she consumed the rest of the coffee. She than placed me over her left hip, without putting me down. douggie I'm 37 and when I was 11 we had a schoolteacher late 20's tall blonde thick.She hadbeen enrolled in a gym and had been going for about six months. After that I told to release, because my head is up side down. Holding me with her left arm and taking the coffee cup with her right hand she entered kitchen. big feathered hair feathered bangs, beautiful, bright blue eyes, long lips all teeth showed when she smiled, the second day she was there she was wearing a dark brown button down shirt tucked in with matching high rise pleated creased pants with the lines running down the front and back, and she was big thick, smaller waiste big hips and butt, wide thick pufffed thighs and heft belly perfect geometry, and big knees, My whole life pleated creased pants on a woman made me erect in three seconds and they always made me orgasm, and cum.

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