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It was a necessary response to the rise of commercialised fusion music, but it was also very slick marketing for its own definition of jazz.It was a wholly righteous response to all kinds of genre snobberies and racist exclusions.There’s much flaccid fusion, some original creative sounds from the rest of the African continent, and Tania Maria, who swings, improvises and scorches.Your best jazz bet may be the separately ticketed Bassline, with visitors the Tingvall Trio (on Friday) and Dee Dee Bridgewater (both nights) plus a stellar South African line-up including Tyner’s reedman namesake, Mc Coy Mrubata, who sounds tougher and more interesting every time he steps out.Marsalis is worth hearing and engaging with precisely because he grasps that there are discourses in all music and that choices need to be made.Because similar debate exists here too, it’s a pity more of South Africa’s “jazz” festivals don’t acknowledge that.As Saturday’s Dinaledi Stage tickets also cover Tutu Puoane, Sibongile Khumalo and Mc Coy Tyner, it’s not clear how you’ll get to hear them either (unless there’s the customary level of sound leakage into the surrounding space, in which case everybody will hear too much of everything).

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and so it in when I started out I said that you are arguably the face of American GIS ... and to represent a Musica noncredit of above the Musee Quitin intelligence and integrity ... Costello of things I'm not really qualified to speak on so I don't think it ... in the children's music was not affected by ... Tommy places special emphasis on the deal with the human soul ... how we know we made adjustments in how we have been slow with each of ... a dozen of the two musicians them much because they were making money of Nelms anyway ... As Marsalis said on Tuesday, “there is actually no ‘more’ of music in Beethoven than in a drunk singing in a bar—although it may be rather more interesting to listen to one than the other over the longer term”. In particular, as association trombonist Professor George Lewis notes: “By the mid-1980s, when new black experimentalists presented an event deemed as falling outside the — framework of jazz, neither the jazz writers nor the new music writers would cover it.” The work of exciting players such as Muhal Richard Abrams, Don Byron and others almost dropped off the radar.Rightly, Marsalis demanded that musicians be asked to discuss their own methods and ideas, rather than being subjected to the analyses of self-appointed critics. so we we can go from there we and other things to do we take him away ... find it dropped the history of the music is a mark of most expressive instrument is the human voice ...

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