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With name changes and fraudulent identity documents widely available, the fingerprint card is the only sure method of checking for records.Applicants can arrange for fingerprinting at a local law enforcement agency or at the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation, 208 S. Appointments can be made with the Division by calling 307-777-7181. Wyoming statutes contain a provision for a voluntary record check which enables any person to obtain a criminal record check on themselves and provide that record to any person they designate.This procedure requires the submission of an applicant fingerprint card.In addition, the applicant must also submit a fee which is also set by statute.For most applicants, the fee is for the state of Wyoming which includes the Western Identification Network criminal history check.

Expungement of juvenile arrest records fall under Wyoming statute § 14-6-241.

WDOC is responsible for the statewide supervision of adult probation and parole offenders with 25 field offices in every county across the state.

The average daily population (ADP) for WDOC inmates for FY16 was 2,434 a slight increase from 2,424 in FY15.

If a juvenile was convicted of a crime(s) as an adult, then #16 would apply.

Statutes are available as a complete set of 43 titles plus the Constitution. Any Wyoming state or local government entity can obtain a CD at NO CHARGE.

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