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I was blown away by the Stage Production, the performances and the overral show.

My favourite performances were by Lira, Kelly Khumalo, The Muffinz, Desmond and the Tutus(weird I know, but I LOVED them), Dj Zinhle ft Busiswa, Khaya and Proverb, and of course, the KING my favorite person in the music industry right now Dr Malinga!! I went to co- host a Live stream show straight at the Amstel Lager VIP Winners After Party. Thank You to all that made it such an Amazing weekend. The event was a success and hopefully i'll get to work with all of you soon because I had a Total Blast!

In her words: “I realise that the best contestants were the ones who never knew what Big Brother was about.

Our first winner of Big Brother Angola became so big that even the President wanted to tap from his fame and popularity to get the crowd.“Nobody has ever gone on a motorcade with people cheering and the winner actually achieved that just for winning the show.

At the end of the day the children had a great time and so did i.

It feels great to give back to a community that has received me with open arms and my passion for children and children oriented programmes/events is something close to my heart.

Africa's Music and entertainment royalty were all underone roof competing/celebrating e... It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that willdetermine the significance of the life we lead.” — Nelson Mandela It is with sad regret that the humble, loving , kind and icon...

So I got settled at the Hotel, started getting ready for the Industry awards, and was pleasantly surprised with a Goodie Bag from Amstel! The twitter-holic in me will make sure to keep you all updated with all that's going on this coming weekend... The Amstel VIP Winners Party is the most exclusive music event of the MTN SAMA weekend, with only MTN SAMA 19 winners being invited.

For the first time Amstel is bringing the party low-down to fans via an intimate broadcast which will include a star-studded panel hosted by Akhumzi Jezilewhich will recap their best moments of MTN SAMA 19.

In her words: "When I was invited for Big Brother Africa, shower hour was my biggest fear, I mean, I didn't think of anything other than shower hour.

This is because I sincerely feel as Africans we can do without it because there is already so much drama as entertainment that can be used in the house that shower hour took it to an uncomfortable level because you can't see it on TV but you can pay to see it on internet.

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