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Boardlane TV: Asafa, tell us how you heard the news that Yendi is expecting a child. As a mata a fac, mi nat even did know seh mi lose di wok. mi only faas pan di track, mi noh too faas pan Maths. TVJ: How will this affect your mental state in preparation for the 2012 Olympics? As this story develops, we will try to bring you more.

Up to wah day mi clock in a do my time an now mi get fi fine out seh Chino a work pan di case full time plus tax! Asafa: Mi ago tell mi coach seh mi have a very serious injury an mi cyaan run.

But that was all part of a master plan to capture Yendi's heart. Our business Now that I have your undivided attention (and 200 more words to burn) I'll add this: mind your own business. The Phillips you should be concerned about has just embarked on a mission to conceive our very own little bundle of sorrow. Our stand-by agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) stalled last May (under the previous administration). It's not just Yendi, Chino, and child who will require God's guidance and protection.

I was simply awaiting that one note from her: "Good column, Din", after which I would have skilfully made my move, promptly resigned from this post, and lived happily ever after in a seaside cottage in Portland with my Miss Jamaica. Finance Minister Dr Peter Phillips recently left the island, bound for New York, Boston, and London, ostensibly to drum up support in the global capital markets to sell a bit more of your future - creating more debt for Jamaicans. As a result, we have been denied much-needed funds, including US0 million due from the Inter-American Development Bank. Our economy has stagnated for decades; it is unlikely we will suddenly grow our way out of our current predicament. Din Duggan is an attorney working as a consultant with a global legal search firm.

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