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I have a friend who swears Ewing cruised him in a bar one night after a concert in the late 80's."I think Brad pings as well. More than likely a homophobe"I doubt he is gay, but it IS possible to be both gay and a homophobe (just ask Larry Craig)"Yeah, Ty Herndon the pussy is a breeder now."He was "married" when he got busted by the cops, but I'm pretty sure he is divorced now Country Music radio refused to play the Dixie Chicks because they dare not support Republican GW Bush, my God what would they do to a Gay singer????Burn him in the parking lot outside of the Radio station - live for listeners? Good God Almighty, how could I have let all those juicy rumors about John Schneider from the late 1980s slip my mind?!Marty Stuart is currently married to the legendary country vocalist Connie Smith.Smith is talented but she is also a reactionary Christian fundmemntalist.

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Kenney Chesney is THE Closet Coward, of Country Music.

I was walking down 16th Avenue in Nashville and he was walking behind me for a couple of blocks and ,for a moment, I thought he was gonna grab my ass right then and there.. Next thing that happened was I saw him walk into the lobby of a local gospel station on Music Row.

He eventually said "Hello" and asked how I was doing. (Can't remember the call letters off the top of my head).

Like anyone who likes Dusty isn't going to listen to the real thing not some idiot's tribute album!

Although he's known more as a song writer than a performer, let me throw Skip Ewing in for consideration.

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